17th April 2007. Krka Gallery, Novo Mesto – Past/Present/Future

Paintings which youngh painter from Zagreb represents to Krka Gallery's public, are part of «Future» and «Back to the Future» cycle. Her work characterizes research of man and machine (computer) collision in proceedure of art creation and confrontation of terms creative / technological as well as attempt to precede their compromise and complementarity. With mentioned method the artist wants to overcome fatefull barrier within (creative) thinking and (technological) sterility, as on croatian art scene (what is allready in painer's work adduced from Ivica Zupan) tried protagonists of movement «New tendencies» around 1960's. Since the artist continues on easl painting, in the end usually derived in medium acrylic on canvas, her strategy shows us one more intent confrontiation - those between traditional and contemporarily art approach (regarding technique and media, theory, and somethimes a theme (cycle /male and female/ nude). Analysis of tension from this gap is basis of Diana Simek's work, despite of subject and motive what is imposed to her like a current preocupation - from autoreference themes (realised with manipulating «conserved memory» from the photo-album and clips from diary writings), allready mentioned nude, like academical bundle/heritage, till present and future vision through recent subject in relation of art within ecology and art within (bio)technology. This last is emphasised content of mentioned cycles «Future» and «Back to the Future». Painted, allmost with fluo colours (what reminde us on neon devour) in abstract composition, in which the title will reveal («Humanoid robot dance», «Genetically modified animal», «Hidden heart», «Life on Mars», «Human clones», «On target», «Virtual dance», «Ecological system», «Melting ice from mountain heights», «The loss of life diversity»… and specify targeted contents.  In this way, the artist extra engages her art in frame, of today’s markedly ecological activism, and also gives us a interesting question, on footprint her entire, allready explained approach: if robots are (in one of author’s vision of the future, which can be understood like serious critic (on critical acces to a problem, symbolized with “pessimism” of grey background, Diana Simek personally refers in her letter in which she is explaining the cycle «Future»), and like expansioned and reignited acceptance of stringently process, or, like glorify and ode to the beauty of car carosserie, humanoid and those (instict, scenically and human) dancing, how much is then legitimacy and true possibility of  involvement of machine (computer) in creative process. We know that tradition left us in heritage understanding of human creativity as one of the expression of transcendent in us. In any case, our world is, if we let ourselves poetic metaphor of a great organism which means life, already like a cyborg.


Ivana Roncevic




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