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GalleryFuture – paintings 2003-2007
Paintings from cycle named Future are part of several pieces. First part, came out between 2003 and 2004, named Future, presented in Gallery Miroslav Kraljevic in Zagreb, 2004. Second sequence named Back to Future from 2005 presented on exhibition in CEKAO Gallery in Zagreb, 2006. Chosen paintings from those two exhibitions and supplemented with new paintings, displayed in one larger place named Past/Present/Future in Krka Gallery, Novo Mesto, 2007. Cycle Future also constitutes sketches on computer.

GalleryUnusual day – paintings 2003-2005
Concept which is developed on fourth grade of studying, 2003, also was chosen for master's thesis presented on Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, 2004. Other sketches I carried out into paintings after graduation till 2005. The same year I presented them in Matica Hrvatska Gallery in Zagreb. It is autobiography constituted with photo from the album and segment from diary with patchwork method - coloured geometrical shapes, handwriting and printout generated figures.

GalleryFootball – paintings 2006
Cycle named Football was dedicated to the Football World Cup and it was shown on exhibition of the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology during the time of championship. The exhibition was stream of numerous works with sports scenes which are produced between 2002-2004 on the walls of the same faculty as well as continuation of exhibition named Sport from 2002. Accent is exclusively on dynamic of the movement and quickness of human body in the moving action through space.

GalleryMale body – paintings 2006
Cycle of paintings named Male body come out in 2006, and the same year exhibited in Kristofor Stankovic Gallery. Male body like naked human body is a symbol of freedom and deliverance. Human being is born naked, without clothes, it’s the most natural state. Except the shape of cycle which allegorically indicates on presence of woman, actually discovers us issue about cd- medium, the object of mass production and usage. Modern people pay too little attention to themselves, nude presents man without...

GalleryDance – paintings 2006
Cycle named Dance become as a connection between ambient and atmosphere of the dance club in place of Zagreb’s club “Fanatic”. Paintings were created by ending 2005. and exposed in March 2006. followed by Jazz music (DJ Filipo Lippi+special guests DJ Van J-ayck and Giorgione) and dancing of the visitors on the exhibition’s opening. It’s reflection of nowadays, young people’s portrait, the way they’re having fun and dance. There are performer dancers in costume and without in audio-visual...


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