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Diana Simek - Academic painter - Online Exhibition - Selling paintings - Acrylic on canvas - News - Virtual suggestion - Arranging interier with paintings (apartment, offices, business environment)...
About workPaintings- acrylic on canvas
Until now, I have experimented with a different kind of view, in parallel time was researching my concept in figural - abstract show at the one hand and figurative presentation reduce photography at the other hand. Either case I was using computer program, where I was partly or entirety coming up to the solution which I used like sketch for my paintings. Since I was using the electronics at coming to the virtual image about future creation, I could located my work in a run of Computer art, what is begun in 60th years in Neo Construktivism.

About workVirtual suggestion- arranging interier with paintings
With selling paintings it’s offered a free virtal suggestion in arranging interier ( apartment, Office, business environment…) with paintings, without obligation for buying. Send photography of your space what you want to accoutre with paintings, list a paintings from web gallery which you have chosen and like to buy, but you not sure if they will fitting in your room or you just wish arrange your space with paintings and you want a professional advice, suggestion about arrangement.


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