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4th June 2002. University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology - Sport

Art is a message, it lives, affects and works on creating spiritual atmosphere.

Mission of the exibithion is to accentuate positive effects and power of sports on healthly spirit and human like a individual, as well as a person within a society.


Art, domain painting, requires the same discipline and dedication to colour, form and shape like sport demands discipline of the body and movement. Every movement in sport requires defined muscles exertion to accomplish wanted result, so as every move and dynamic in painting requests explicit actions of forming artistic element. One of these procedures include accidence and quickness of figure’s motion in first plan, harmonized with purity of colour,  simplicity of rectangled surfaces and accuracy of bordered coloured edges of painting’s second plan into completeness.

Discipline of colour like order and sport’s discipline. Expressivity of dinamic figure’s form as objective fact of impossibility of human eye to hold one cent moment isolated from complete sport’s activity.

Figures are changing their shape depending on level of intesity, speed, weight and strenght. Colour is in content function, but at the same time with its mutual influence characterises agressivness, elegance, playful and other effects which sport leaves in us, passive observers, active in mind and perception.


Point of art is implemented and deeply ingrained in practical interests, but its apparition develops in character of immediacy and spontaneity. Art arises in dynamic relation of dummy and material, accidence and convention, reality and imagination, while its giving a meaning in circuit of these active forces which are constantly upgraded and adjusted creating balance, scald and unity.


Diana Šimek

►  Exhibition  - Tuesday, January 29, 2008
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