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16th September 2005. Matica Hrvatska Gallery, Zagreb – Unusual day


Read these views, catch the movement… Pull together the end of cutting parts, find your perfect day in this not so perfect world!
This could be every day. Day which you choose to be special. Unplanned day. That day can be positive or negative, but you remember it for something extraordinary. Day like beginning or the end or just the moment that stays indelible in memory.
In scholastically aspect, this paintings have characteristic of diary and photo album. Preliminary sketches are result of synthesizing the private writings from diary, scenes which are connected to photos from the album. They are autobiographic, but also represent the everyday adventure.
Vertical cuts of writing pages, transposition in all direction between abstract form and scene, those are the thoughts which, by coming out from paper, create the order, releases from confusion, the chaos and everyday information.


Text is appearing like supplement and segment of letter poetics which its affirmation had in time of Pop art and early Conceptual art. Unlike the process of making sketches, final function those letters is not description, they are here like symbol of thoughts that are going through our mind when we look some image, one object, one appearance. Letters are suggesting the critics, reconsideration, analysis of events and contemplation.


Instead of automatical, uncontrolled and negative emotions in work, I tend to cleanness, purity, order and optimism by which one painting should emanate on its surroundings. It does not mean that artist should paint only the “beauty”, but this roughly, cold and often dark reality turn to positive and acceptable, put in filter, expurgate and recycle. That is why I got close to the form of reducing figure from photograph, with no needless toning of colour to avoid every illusion of the place, and delusion of reality.
Diana Simek


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