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About meDiana Simek- academic painter
Born in Zagreb 1980. 1994-1998 School of Applied art and design in Zagreb. Graduated painting in class of professor Igor Roncevic from Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in 2004. Member of The Croatian Association of Artist in Zagreb. Since May 2007 writing for magazine “Hrvatski olimpijski odbor”, column Art and Sports. Lives and works in Zagreb. Solo exhibitions: 2009. Zagreb, PC Salsa - Dance studio, Let's dance / 2007. Novo Mesto, Krka Gallery, Past/Present/Future / 2006. Zagreb, Kristofor Stankovic Gallery, Male body / 2006. Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, Football

GalleryFuture – paintings 2003-2007
Paintings from cycle named Future are part of several pieces. First part, came out between 2003 and 2004, named Future, presented in Gallery Miroslav Kraljevic in Zagreb, 2004. Second sequence named Back to Future from 2005 presented on exhibition in CEKAO Gallery in Zagreb, 2006. Chosen paintings from those two exhibitions and supplemented with new paintings, displayed in one larger place named Past/Present/Future in Krka Gallery, Novo Mesto, 2007. Cycle Future also constitutes sketches on computer.

NewsOctober, 12-14, 2007. Zagreb, Club SC- Vox feminae
October, 12-14, 2007. Zagreb, Club SC, Vox feminae/ Organizations UKE (www.uke.hr) and Common Zone (www.cunterview.net) in partnership with SC - Culture of change were organized a festival dedicated to creativity of Women: Vox Feminae Fest. Vox feminae Fest were opened exhibition sales character in Friday, October, 12 at 8 pm for female artist represent on conterview.net. More about program: www.voxfeminae.net

About workPaintings- acrylic on canvas
Until now, I have experimented with a different kind of view, in parallel time was researching my concept in figural - abstract show at the one hand and figurative presentation reduce photography at the other hand. Either case I was using computer program, where I was partly or entirety coming up to the solution which I used like sketch for my paintings. Since I was using the electronics at coming to the virtual image about future creation, I could located my work in a run of Computer art, what is begun in 60th years in Neo Construktivism.

Exhibition17th April 2007. Krka Gallery, Novo Mesto – Past/Present/Future
Paintings which youngh painter from Zagreb represents to Krka Gallery's public, are part of «Future» and «Back to the Future» cycle. Her work characterizes research of man and machine (computer) collision in proceedure of art creation and confrontation of terms creative / technological as well as attempt to precede their compromise and complementarity. With mentioned method the artist wants to overcome fatefull barrier within (creative) thinking and (technological) sterility, as on croatian art scene (what is allready in...

Exhibition19th October 2007. Kristofor Stankovic Gallery, Zagreb – Male body
Young Zagreb's painter Diana Simek represents herself with first of three partly prepared exhibitions derived from observing, studing, analyzing and painting of male and female – separately and then taken together – divested body, accurately nude. First cycle of dreamed «three-part» is devoted to male nude. Considering age and gender of the artist, and hidden sexuality present in in her work so far (Unusual day, Dance) this is very important because this concealed and mostly indirect erotic component we experience as a kind of...

Exhibition9th June 2006. Faculty of Kinesiology, Zagreb - Football
The Football World Cup Finals were held between June 9 and July 9, 2006 in Germany, where Italy was crowned champion after beating France in final, wining the penatly shotout 5-3 after the match finished 1-1 after extra time. Germany placed third after beating Portugal 3-1. The next World Cup Finals will be held in 2010 in Sought Africa and the 2014 Finals will be held in Brazil. Anent of Football World Cup Finals, in June 9th was opening of the exhibition named Football on the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology

Exhibition11th May 2006. CEKAO Gallery, Zagreb – Back to the Future
The paintings of the young Zagreb artist Diana Simek can be, or even should be regarded on two basic levels: the one of form and problem and the other of meaning and symbol. Namely, both levels are very important to comprehend and recognize the artist's poetical preferences which originate from firm and clearly shaped aesthetical, that is, ethic standards. In the form and problem sense, the authoress examines the possibilities and challenges raised in order to question the classical medium of painting in the times characterised by...

Exhibition14th March 2006. Club Fanatic, Zagreb - Dance
Ritual and symbolic meaning and purpose of the dance is various and manifold. We could perceive it like imaginary link that connects rituals of primal and early cultures and civilization to our technologically structured, postmodern and postindustrial society where dance, like creative excess of value indicates domain of art and widely comprehended entertainment, becomes one of the basic determinants of popular culture. Primary magic of the dance by which in primal societies throught scene, music and...

GalleryUnusual day – paintings 2003-2005
Concept which is developed on fourth grade of studying, 2003, also was chosen for master's thesis presented on Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, 2004. Other sketches I carried out into paintings after graduation till 2005. The same year I presented them in Matica Hrvatska Gallery in Zagreb. It is autobiography constituted with photo from the album and segment from diary with patchwork method - coloured geometrical shapes, handwriting and printout generated figures.

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